With so much conflicting information on offer, It's easy to get a little lost with the digital marketing campaign for your business. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses fall into some common digital marketing traps which can impact on the effectiveness of your strategy. Today, we'll be sharing some of the most common marketing mistakes that your business could be making.

1. Forgetting to plan

When you're embarking on your digital marketing campaign, it's essential you have a plan in place. Consider things such as your budget, your short and long term goals, how you'll meet your goals, and how you'll monitor your campaign. Before you do anything, have a clear plan in place!

2. Mobile unfriendly website

These days, there's no excuse to have a website which isn't easy to access on mobile devices. If your website performs perfectly on a desktop computer but falls to pieces on smartphones, you're missing out on potential customers and it can also seriously impact your SEO.

3. Forgetting existing customers

It's understandable that your digital marketing campaign has a focus on generating new leads and new interest in your business. However, don't forget that you also need to engage your existing customers. This could be through strategies such as loyalty discounts, re-marketing or interesting content.

Not identifying target audience

Developing a digital marketing campaign which is too generic means you're wasting time on reaching users who simply won't be interested in your business. Instead of trying to cast too wide a net, consider your target audience and focus your campaign on this demographic.

Neglecting your tracking

Even if you think you have a spot on digital marketing campaign, you're never going to know just how effective it is if you don't track the results. Make sure you run your analytics and carry out regular testing to see what's working and what's not.

Where to next?

At Adaptive Digital, we're all about supercharging your digital marketing campaign for maximum impact. To discuss how we can help with a tailored marketing solution for your business. contact us today.

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