You've just had a brand new website built. Now, where should it be hosted? It is entirely possible to host your website from any location around the world. An Australian business can have their website hosted in the US, and that is commonly the case.

Local hosting offers multiple advantages to business owners, such as;

Website Performance

User experience is often influenced by how well your website performs. A stellar user experience would be having a fast loading, responsive website. Your site's pages should load quickly in response to a request. A local server provides much faster page loading times compared to an overseas host, because the data doesn't have to travel as far. In this fast paced digital era, very little patience is had for slow loading websites, and you could lose potential business.

Australian website hosting

Search Engine Rankings

Most people never look past the first page of a Google search result. Google traces the IP address of the searcher and displays search results based on the location of the search and the host location of a website. If your website is hosted overseas, your website location will never be close enough to the location of the search. Don't you want to be on the first page of Google for your target business?

Proper Support

Local hosting providers will be able to provide support in the same, or similar time zone as you. If your website is hosted in another country on the other side of the world (for example the United States) and you encounter a problem with your website, it is often a tedious task to try to get your problem resolved. Downtime on your website equates to a loss of potential business.


Maintenance for your website by your host often occurs overnight (when there is the least amount of site traffic). If your site is hosted overseas, maintenance time on your website would occur overnight in your host's time zone, this would mean day time (and prime time for site traffic) in Australia. Having your site down for maintenance during prime site traffic time would mean a loss in potential business. If people can't access your website, they will not return an hour later when your website is up and running again, they would have visited another website during this time.

Risks of Service Failure

With an overseas host, there are more points of exchanges and connections (making up a chain of hosts to pass on data and information). This increases the chances of a link in this chain breaking. Using an Australian host decreases this chance of link breakdown as all connections are within Australia itself.

Ready to take your next step forward?

Most Australian businesses are enticed with cheap deals to host their sites overseas, however this may not be cost effective as you may think. Overseas hosting can decrease your site's performance, lower your search engine rankings and may not provide adequate customer support. If you want to drive traffic to your website, it will be far more beneficial to have your website hosted locally.

If your website isn't hosted locally and you'd like to get ahead of your competition, Adaptive Digital are here to provide you with premium Australian hosting solutions. If you would like to set up hosting or to simple have a chat regarding hosting, feel free to contact us today, we would be more than happy to help!

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