If you have a business website (and if you don't, now could be the time to get one!), one of the things you need to consider is your web hosting. There are a few options available but if you're looking for the easiest solution, managed web hosting means that the hosting provider takes care of everything related to your server. Let's look at why this is a popular choice for many businesses.

Lower costs

If you're managing your web hosting internally, there are often hidden costs involved with hiring and training staff to take care of everything. With managed web hosting, all of this is taken care of externally so there are less overheads that you need to worry about. It also frees up your IT staff to carry out other duties.

Better Security

When you choose a quality managed web hosting service, you can be confident that security will be a priority. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are at risk of cyber-attack but the advanced tools of your provider, such as firewalls and security audits, have you covered.

Quick resolution

A good web hosting provider is available at any time if there are issues or questions, so you have quick resolution of any problems. This high level of support is what sets managed web hosting apart from the other options, and it means that problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

24/7 Monitoring

Although it would be convenient if things only went wrong during work hours, this often isn't the case. Unlike other options where you have to rely on your own staff being present, managed web hosting means that your provider keeps an eye on things 24/7 to ensure optimal uptime.

Reliable backups

If you lose important data, this can be disastrous to your business. Luckily, managed web hosting means that regular and reliable backups will be performed so data can be easily retrieved if anything goes wrong

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