Email Marketing and Pinterest Marketing

Two of the things I focus on besides SEO are growing an email list and Pinterest marketing. Both are essential for you if you have a blog or a small business that you're trying to grow online. When you build an email list it becomes a resource that you can market to again and again without having to spend money on ads. Pinterest is a visual search engine that is growing in popularity and many businesses are getting huge amounts of website traffic by learning how to use Pinterest for their business.

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Instagram and Facebook marketing

Social media is a really cheap way to build your brand and engage your audience. We work with mainly dental clients. We encourage them to be consistent and active on all of their social platforms.. especially Instagram and Facebook.

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Consort Marketing

  1. Make Sure You're On Google Maps
    This one is probably the most obvious, and also the most important. No matter how you drive customers to your business, they need to know where you are. Google Maps is so popular that people often choose to use it for navigation on their mobile devices, rather than the built-in navigation in their cars.
  2. Create & Prioritize Your Social Media Profiles
    Start by creating profiles on all of the top social media platforms. Time is money, so you'll want to prioritize them, depending on the kind of business you are promoting, and where your customers spend their time. For example, if you're promoting a retail shop or a service-based business like a hair salon, then you'll likely want to engage your customers primarily on Facebook. If you've got a restaurant or other business where food imagery will help seal the deal when customers are looking for places to eat, then Pinterest and Instagram may be good options, too (and don't forget Yelp reviews). On the other hand, if you're offering B2B or professional services, such as a printing company or legal services, then you may get better results by focusing more of your time on your company's LinkedIn profile. Make sure you've got links and icons on your website to let people know where to find you on social media, and keep them engaged by offering supplemental content on your social channels, such as promotions.
  3. Stay Engaged & Automate When Necessary
    Dead social media profiles with no activity can sometimes be just as bad as not having a profile at all. The best way to prevent that from happening is to post interesting and relevant content on a regular basis. However, you may not have time to do this every day. In that case, it's a good idea to hire a professional to manage your social media accounts for you. If you can't do that, then the next best thing is to automate some posts. For example, you can use a service like to publish RSS feeds to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You just sign up for the service, add your profiles and then add some popular blogs from your industry. If you do go this route however, don't just set it and forget it. You should still draft unique posts at least once per week, and include some that drive people to your website.

Interact with the competitors' followers of other local small businesses

Use Instagram: Interact with the competitors' followers of other local small businesses in the same area. Follow them and send a DM inviting them to visit a landing page with a promocode just for Instagram followers and track everything with a or a tracking pixel to add any person that clicks on the link in your custom audiences on Facebook and AdWords. But before, analyze the competitors' audiences to be sure that those other companies never bought fake followers because in that case the work would be totally useless.

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Post Regularly On Facebook & Instagram

  1. Use Facebook & Instagram - post regularly and like and share other local company's pages and posts to build up local knowledge and networking opportunities.
  2. Use social media, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to share your pages, and posts about your products and services to drive visitors to your website.

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If you own a SMB and aren't ready to launch a SEO campaign, there are still ways you can promote your business online.

  1. Get Involved In Local Events - Look for promotion opportunities with your local Chamber of Commerce. If there are big annual events like fundraisers, being involved in these can help build brand awareness of your company. As an extra benefit, you'll usually get mentions from the local Chamber social channels, website, and the local business news.
  2. Leverage social media - Actively posting helpful content on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Pulse, and YouTube will reach your audience where they already are. To get the most out of this, focus on the social channels that you are confident you can consistently post to. A pattern of posting content is what helps grow a follower and customer base on social media. Also, take care to optimize content for the specific channels (upload videos separately to Facebook and YouTube, connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts, portrait oriented video for Instagram and landscape video for other channels). Verify your social accounts whenever possible, as these often are favored by timeline algorithms.
  3. Promote to Local News Agencies - Find traditional PR angles, and use those to your advantage. Making a new key hire? Opening a new location? Win an industry award or get other recognition? The Business Journals in metro areas will usually feature this news if you bring it to their attention. This is another way to make people aware of your brand. Does your city have a local magazine(s) where they talk to business owners? (Here in Sacramento, we have Comstocks and Sactown.) Find out what stories your local magazines are working on for the coming year. There may be a way you can participate in a contest, or get featured in a print story. CityVoter is another place where you can promote your business in annual community voting, getting further recognition for your company if you win in one of the categories.

Lockdown SEO

With small businesses comes small budgets. SEO can be costly for a lot of small businesses. Therefore, small businesses need to be creative. When our agency is approached with this problem for our clients we like to think outside the box.

Leveraging & Event Brite

Leveraging & Event Brite together is one promotion tactic we have implemented with several of our clients. For example say you're are a PPC consulting business. What we would suggest is coming up with a few general topics that your audience would like to learn about. Think broad, and not specific. "How to increase your lead generation 10 fold" is broad. Versus "How to Add Geo targeting to Your PPC campaigns" is very specific. Think about all the business owners in the area that would want to learn how to generate more leads. Versus some business owners might not even know what PPC stands for.

After you set this group up for said title, then add that event to Event Brite. Not only are you leveraging the audience of, but you're also leveraging the Audience from Event Brite. These two platforms also promote very well. Create a nice presentation where you're specifically adding CTA's to your services and sit back and pat yourself on the back.


Create Twitter Moments

You can create twitter moments on popular twitter accounts. Similarly, you can take advantage on popular and high engagement pages and profiles on the Facebook, YouTube, Medium, Bloglovin etc.


Do Live Video Streaming on Facebook

No SEO? No Problem. Use Social Media to promote your business. Social Media offers a tremendous variety of organic marketing options you can use to promote your business. Dive into CONSISTENTLY showing up on Facebook Groups, Instagram Stories, Pinterest Pins, or Live Videos. The more creative you can be, the better. The best part? The social networks will reward you for your consistency and show your content to more and more people over time allowing you to reach your target audience without investing in SEO.

Marketing Solved

  1. Celebrate a grand opening, a celebration or award by creating a Press Release. You can create a free press release on PRLog
  2. Create an amazing Infographic, ebook, or video and send them out to influencers in your industry and ask them if they would share the content on their blog or social media feeds.

Jason Fox

Seo is pure love for every Bussines on Internet, but we have got some options , and this is my Guide Map ;

  1. Local Directories
  2. Social Media ( Facebook , Twitter etc)
  3. Reviews publics( TripAdvisor, Foursquare etc)
  4. Local Newspapers online
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Influencers promos
  7. Promo Videos , Vimeo or YouTube is perfect

In my opinion this options are the key for make marketing without seo


Create Professional Linkedin Profile & Build the Network

There are many marketing channels SMEs can try at zero cost to generate leads for their businesses. Based on our experiences, if you provide services in a professional industry, creating a professional LinkedIn profile and building the network around your target audience can help you promote the business to the right audience. Along with that, if you can write articles and share your expert opinion and suggestions in LinkedIn and your blog, that would help you to build the trust and reputation of your brand.


Make Friends

A simple answer will be friends! Like-minded friends. As in ordinary life, we all need friends. They will always come to the rescue and will provide support in a difficult situation. Business is no exception. If you already have good connections on social media or in real life, then you are one step ahead of everyone. Because a small business means a deeper connection with its customers and colleagues.

When it comes time to promote your small business, just tell your friends that you need their help. Don't forget to share the details. How can it help other people? What are your benefits? Just like you tell a real friend the good news or your achievement. Write SMS. Call. Tell at a personal meeting. Friends will surely help you and spread your message into the world, help you promote your business.

What if you have few friends? This is not a barrier. On the contrary! You have the advantage. Because you can choose for yourself future friends, who will share your views, who care about what matters to you.

The best way to find such new online friends is to search for active individuals who often leave comments. On blogs or social networks. Make relevant searches on Google that relate to your business and find articles, topics with many comments. Make friends! Tell them you are deeply concerned about this topic and you have a solution. Your business!

When you communicate with people who have common interests with yours, they will be happy to share a link to your business on their social networks and blogs. They will support you in thematic communities. Will help you take the first steps to promote your small business. You'll get traffic, you'll get customers, but most importantly you make friends with remarkable people.

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Get Listed in Local Directories

Social media marketing is the best way to promote small businesses without SEO. Second most important thing is to get listed in Local directories like Google, Just dial etc. There are many B2C portals online. Getting associated with them and selling your services and products on their website can be cheaper and immediate solution for small businesses to start a business online.

Creative Webmall

Through its powerful content industry, successful marketing of small businesses over the Internet, having a strong content of visual elements helps to win customers' trust and a sense of satisfaction for consumers

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There are many ways we can promote our small business without seo. Let's checkout some tips.

  1. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram are fantastic ways to showcase your business, products and services to potential local customers.
  2. Using product coupons is one of the most popular marketing tools among small business owners to encourage new and returning customers to purchase your product or services.
  3. Organise an event. Special events can offer the chance to establish your personal connections with your potential customers.
  4. Joining a local facebook group is a great way to stay connected with residents and other business owners.
  5. Contests and Giveaways are a best way to get people excited about your local business.

Digital Salesmen

The days are gone when Google was ONLY relying upon what is written in page and back linking. Today Google assume that if consumer stays longer on your website, or visit more number of pages, or comes frequently, your website is relevant for the customer. so here are my quick tips from

  1. Enhance Web Site Usability Enhancing usability involves improving the information architecture of a site, which of course will help the site to be more easily spider, and will often increase the potential for solid anchor text-rich internal linking.
  2. Keep Content Fresh Google understand that a site frequently updated means its better managed and the freshness of information indirectly vouch for relevance of information in current context. Some of the news sites are very frequently updated with news items so these sites are at a very high rank.
  3. Coherence among Marketing Efforts Most of the businesses have a lot of the marketing activities, promotions, events, and marketing stationary or product stationary. If we keep synching these activities with cyber world, it will not only increasing reach up to larger audience but also new content or content richness will boost the search engine ranking.
  4. Facilitate users to stay more on your website The portal design and contents should be planned in a way that user stays more and browse more pages. It will vouch for higher relevance in the eyes of Google and hence better search engine ranking. The video content can be added to increase the stay on a page while inline hyper linking can be used to increase the number of pages browsed by a user. Showing similar product or better suggestions to browse can be also a good idea.

Meet New People

"90% of life is showing up," is most often attributed to Woody Allen saying, and if you ask anyone that does in-person networking they will tell you he was right. In fact, I might even raise the percentage to 95%. When I meet a person I make a connection with them. More often than not they might not be in the market for my services, but they now know me. When the occasion arises, if I have done a good job staying in touch with them (they are on my newsletter list, I see them again, we meet for other networking events), they will remember and hire me. The other bonus of the connection, is they now can share my information with their network who might be interested in meeting me as well.

Forward Push

  1. GUMTREE - hands down one of the easiest ways to get found on the Internet without having a website or actively doing SEO is to get your business, services listed in gumtree. Gumtree results index in Google's index so you're getting all the benefits of ranking in Google without doing any SEO. If you want to supercharge your results you can engage in a little bit of SEO point some links to the listing and watch it climb up the rankings ;-)
  2. GET ON THE NEWS - come up with a great news angle. A great strategy to use is piggy backing on a national or even international event and making it relevant to your local area (this gets great pick up). What you'll have to do is fashion up a press release around a catchy & newsworthy story that your business can be involved in, submit this to a news distribution service like PR Web or better yet get it directly into the hands of your local news station and or journalists.

Websites That Sell

Cold Email Outreach

Direct mail is hip when it's data driven, check out: I would also get on the cold email outreach band wagon, I built a 7-figure recurring revenue agency with Mailshake & Datanyze. No retargeting, no sales departments.

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Andy Sowards

If I couldn't use SEO I'd assume I wouldn't be able to be found via any search engine so here is what I would do.

  1. I'd use Reddit and my niche to find my audience.
  2. If I was selling a product i'd try to undercut prices to gain traction and attention (a la amazon).
  3. Utilize instagram, facebook, twitter, etc to spread the news about these deals and to keep content creation going - all focused back to my website that needed the attention and it would grow from there!

Digital SEO Guide
  1. Social Media: A free and fantastically profitable source is web-based social networking. These stages enable you to associate with your fans, and readers. This enables your business to acquire trust and validity quick.
  2. Email List: To assemble and develop your business, you should use email showcasing. Email promoting is extraordinary compared to other approaches to manufacture associations with your objective clients.

Be an Influencer

Become the authority on your local content. Use Facebook to create and promote local events and activities and use location based targeting to promote these posts both on FB and Instagram. If your business is B2B, use Linkedin Groups to create a community around your business targeted towards businesses in your location.

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While I believe that, in most cases, SEO is a crucial part of online promotions, there are other effective ways to get your name out there. The number one way to ensure that business growth is through relationships, and this has always been the case. So, if you're going to neglect the search engines, make sure to nurture the people that you meet -- whether it be customers, suppliers, or even competitors. Above all, relationships are your biggest asset, no matter what industry you are in.

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As a small business, your biggest struggle is often brand awareness. You're aware of your business, your customers are aware of your business, but outside of that, the greater community is unlikely to know that you exist. Without using SEO to bring organic traffic in for your chosen niche, retargeting is a fantastic option for small businesses. Retargeting occurs when a customer visits your website and a cookie is placed on their computer. They're subtly reminded of your brand's products and services when they visit other websites on the Internet (via banner ads). Retargeting allows your company to maintain a visual presence wherever the customer goes; so it sticks in their minds, and draws them back to your site to close the deal. Best of all, since they've already shown an interest, they're more likely to respond to your advertising. Retargeting leverages your combined marketing efforts to distinguish your brand, and provide a better return on your marketing and advertising investment.

How to generate more leads

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